The Discipline of Self Care

This month I facilitated two workshops at Temenos entitled “Live a Happier Life.” These workshops give me an opportunity to meet many people who are interested in living a happier life and one with more meaning. We all struggle to live the lives we have, and find ways to prosper even during times of personal difficulties. I love learning about the experiences of the attendees, and sharing with others what I have learned, and am learning every day.

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Is Happiness An Inside Job?

Do you think that happiness is a choice? In every life, circumstances occur that result in unhappiness – our partner gets sick, our parents die, our marriage falls apart, we feel disappointed. We experience happiness and unhappiness millions of times throughout our lives. Many times we are overwhelmed and it’s just too hard to even think about being happy. But how about the times that really do depend on our reactions to the situation we find ourselves experiencing? Our reactions can in fact affect the degree of happiness or unhappiness we feel. In AA there is a saying that pain is inevitable, however, suffering is optional. I understand this to mean that life is difficult, AND our reactions to our lives determine the degree of suffering we experience.

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A New Year’s Intention

This is the time of year when many people make New Year’s resolutions. With our new calendars, new journals, and new appointment books, it makes sense to think of new beginnings.  Often these resolutions come in the form of losing weight, getting to bed earlier or drinking less. New Year’s Resolutions, however, often lead to frustration and feelings of failure, and we may find ourselves making the same resolutions year after year.

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