Mindfulness Workshop

Live a Happier Lifeā€”the power of meditation to improve the quality of your life and your mind.

Mindsight, meditation, being in the present, are all different names for a way of focusing awareness that has the potential to free us from patterns of mind that are getting in the way of living our lives to the fullest.

In this two hour didactic, as well as experiential seminar, you will be introduced to cutting-edge research on how the brain, the mind and relationships affect each other and our well being. You will also receive guidance and practice mindsight meditation, leaving with valuable tools to live a happier, fuller life. If you already practice mindfulness, you will have an opportunity to understand and validate the many benefits of your practice.

Tina Dwyer, MA, LPC, is a psychotherapist in private practice. She is a graduate of the teacher training in Mindfulness Based Stress Management through the University of Pennsylvania Program for Mindfulness and is currently enrolled in an Interpersonal Neurobiology Training Course taught by Dr. Daniel Siegel.

Temenos Retreat Center


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    Great site. Who is your ITT guy

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