The Question That Brought Me Back

During the holiday season with expectations running high and traffic running slow, many of us begin to feel overwhelmed.

From past experiences I know that when I am feeling overwhelmed it is best to stop whatever I am doing, and reach for the phone. By taking this step I begin to get out of my head, which I’ve learned is not the best place to be when I’m overwhelmed or stressed.  When my thoughts are racing, I am edgy with everyone, and even the simplest decision seem difficult, I know it’s time to stop.

So, the other day when life was simply feeling a bit too much for me, I reached out and phoned my friend. My dear friend asked me “Where do you want your heart to be?” These simple words settled my spinning head and brought me back to myself.

Where do I want my heart to be? What a helpful question. I want my heart to be thoughtful and kind to others and to myself. And when my heart is heavy and sad, as our hearts often are this time of the year, for an assortment of reasons, I know that being kind to myself and others is the best way to keep my heart tender and open.

These thoughts immediately settled me down. When I decide to give my heart some space, and pay less attention to my confused and overwhelmed brain, I come back to my center and started to feel a sense of well being. How about you?

Where do you want to put your heart this holiday season?
What is most important to you on a deeper level?
Can you take a few moments to contemplate this question?

Even when you find what is important to you, you will sometimes forget to put your heart ahead of all the other commitments you have on your plate. Like me, you probably will need to be reminded to listen to your heart; but if you remember, every now and then, even once every day, I promise that you and the people you love will be happier and more at peace this holiday season, and throughout the New Year.



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